Cash Management offers a complete solution to help your business manage its finances quickly and easily.   
Process payroll, pay bills, send wires, and make tax payments all from the convenience of your office through Community First Bank’s online banking system. Check out our Cash Management demo. 

  • Perform accounts transfers
  • View accounts online
  • Process ACH origination
  • Perform wire transfers
  • Make Federal Tax Payments
    ACH Direct Deposit 
    Processing payroll just got easier with ACH Direct Deposit.  With ACH Direct Deposit, you can process your employees’ payroll by submitting an electronic file through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Funds are deposited quickly to your employees’ bank accounts safely and securely. 
    Not only does ACH Direct Deposit benefit your business, it’s also more convenient for your employees.  With funds electronically deposited to your employees’ accounts, it eliminates a special trip to the bank to deposit a paper check.  And, with ACH Direct Deposit funds can deposited for your employees even if they are sick or on vacation.  
    ACH Direct Payment 
    Collect customer payments with ease with ACH Direct Payment. Completely automate your collection process by originating ACH payments through the cash management system.  Once your customers agree to have their payments debited from their accounts, you simply generate an electronic file and transmit for processing. Collected funds are then deposited into your business checking account. 
    Wire Transfers 
    Cash Management also gives you the ability to perform wire transfers in a secure environment.  Initiate wires and follow the status of each wire within Cash Management. If you have repetitive wires that you send on a frequent basis, you have the option to save previous wire information to allow for fast and hassle-free wire transfers in the future. 
    Federal Tax Payments 
    Submit your federal tax payment conveniently from Cash Management.  Learn more by visiting the Cash Manager Test Drive. 
    For more information or to enroll, please call (877) 391-8800 or email us. 
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