Certificates of Deposit (CDs) 
Competitive rates and a variety of terms.  

  • High fixed rates of interest
  • Variety of account terms
  • Automatically renewable at maturity (excluding specials)
  • FDIC coverage up to $250,000
  • CD Specials
    Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) 
    Save for your golden years with one of our IRAs.   

  • Invest your IRA in CDs of 6, 12, 18, and 24 month terms
  • Roth, Traditional, and SEP IRAs
  • FDIC coverage up to $250,000
  • All IRAs are insured separately by the FDIC
    Option CDs 
    Our option CDs are so flexible, they’re almost liquid. 

  • Withdraw one time without penalty up to half of the CD’s original amount
  • Add to CD as many times as you want up to the CD’s original amount
  • One CD rate bump-up during the term based on regular CD rates, excluding specials
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