Deposit checks directly to your Community First Bank account from your office without setting foot inside the bank!  
With Deposit from Your Office, checks can be deposited using a secure, high-speed Internet connection through your personal or office computer and check scanner.  

  • Consolidate deposit accounts at different locations.  Channel multiple deposit accounts from different locations to one single deposit account
  • Make your workday more efficient. No more frantic trips to the bank to make your deposit before the cut-off time
  • Save time and money.  Save costs by not having an employee travel to the bank, fill out deposit slips, and reduce risks of transporting checks from your office to the bank
  • Archive Retrieval. Store images of your checks safely and securely with Deposit from Your Office’s easy-to-use record keeping system
    For more information and to see a live demo from one of our local, personal bankers call 877-391-8800 or email us.  
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