Receive Alerts Anytime Activity is Detected in Your Credit File with new ID TheftSmart with Credit Monitoring! 
According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice, one out of every 13 households could fall victim to identity theft this year.  Fixing the damage could take years and cost you thousands of dollars.  Take steps to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft with ID TheftSmart.  
Enrolling in ID TheftSmart gives you anytime access to your own personal agent who will help you do everything you can to keep fraudsters at bay and out of your life. And, if your identity is ever stolen, your licensed ID TheftSmart investigator springs into action to determine the crime’s nature and scope, help you obtain a police report, contact credit bureaus, place seven-year fraud victim statements with credit reporting agencies and more.  
ID TheftSmart offers two solutions:  ID TheftSmart Restoration and Credit Monitoring. 
With ID TheftSmart Restoration, experienced and licensed investigators do the bulk of the work on your behalf if you ever have your identity compromised.  One dedicated investigator is assigned to your case so you won’t have to explain your situation over and over again.  Not only will you receive the full scope of identity restoration from a licensed experienced investigator, but our team of investigators are there to answer any questions or provide advice for implementing protective measures for you. 
ID TheftSmart Restoration is $1.99 per household/per month. 
Credit Monitoring (Includes Restoration) 
ID TheftSmart Credit Monitoring notifies you of activity in your credit file when one of the following activities is detected: 
New Account Opening 
Credit Inquiry 
Payment Delinquency 
Public Record Changes 
Change of Address 
Credit Monitoring can be requested one of two ways:  Online (via the Internet) and Offline (via postal delivery).  Online delivery alerts are provided on a daily basis and notification of no activity on a monthly basis.  Offline alerts are provided on a monthly basis and notification of no activity on a quarterly basis. 
ID TheftSmart Credit Monitoring is $4.99 per person/per month.  This monthly fee also includes ID Restoration as mentioned above. 
If you would like more information about ID TheftSmart, please give us a call toll free at 877-391-8800 or email us at  
ID TheftSmart Members:  
If you think you are a victim of identity theft, contact Community First Bank at 877-391-8800 and an ID TheftSmart Investigator will be assigned to you.  
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