Community First Bank began as a vision shared by King Gladden and eleven other individuals who wanted to create a local bank that was truly a part of the community, in a rapidly changing banking environment.  They envisioned a bank that would make a difference in the local economy and put the community first. 
Thanks to these visionaries and their recruitment of shareholders, Community First Bank began its journey in 1997.  We reviewed the now old concepts of family, sincerity, friendliness, fairness, privacy, diversification, technology, and simplicity.  Banking the way you deserve.  The way it should be.  This was the vision for Community First Bank. 
On October 30, 1997, we opened our doors and invited you to believe in us here at Community First Bank.  Since then we have grown from those humble beginnings to a bank that proudly serves in multiple communities across Northern Arkansas. 
We look forward to continuing this service concept, because it is so natural to all of us.  Your faith in our ability to serve you has inspired us beyond belief and has provided the fuel for us to enhance our involvement in this great, great area. 
What a privilege to serve you.  But, you know what?  We are just getting started.  We are constantly finding new ways to offer what you deserve and exceed your expectations.  Just wait, it’s only going to get better. 
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